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Boessert/Schorn is a Berlin based clothing label by Sonia Boessert, that originates in a combination of design,
handcrafts and artistic work. Since 2008 Sonia Boessert creates comfortable everyday items, still individual in surface
and form. Boessert/Schorn tries to develop fair and transparent products, both for the clients and
for the people participating in the process of production. For many years now Sonia Boessert works hand in hand with a
knitting factory in Reutlingen (South Germany) and a sewing room in Stettin (Poland). The manufactured materials are
if possible from Europe or fabrics from overproduction and remaining stocks and pure, raw materials like wool, linen,
cotton, preferably linen-weaved, textured or mottled.
Having experience with patternmaking and manufacturing Sonia Boessert develops all the patterns along with the processing
herself and sews her samples preferably on her own, to give her own touch to the garment. By doing so she has worked out
an own, handmade pattern construction that often arises from basic geometric forms. Boessert/Schorn defines itself
through a clear design language with distal forms that accentuate the body in an effortlessly feminine way. The exciting
mix of traditional and innovative techniques leads to avant-garde garments. Layers of knit merge with one another, the
width is bundled and released in a unique way so that unusual volumes arise. Boessert/Schorn mainly reatils in Germany
and Japan.